Sofie Nieuwbørg
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    A philosophical quest to finding answers in/about my life.
    Mastering (in) life.
    Masterizing: overcomming an opponent with masterful skill, either a person or a fear.

    Thinking about time, things that stay the same, things that change, constants and variables.
    Thinking about blue and as Goethe says: we like blue, not cause it forces itself on us, but because it pulls us towards it”

    Heavily inspired by the lynchian language of Mulholland Drive using its symbols personification of women and use of red and blue


    About darkness and about light. Like Bukowski says;
    there is a light somewhere.
    it may not be much light but
    it beats the darkness.

    I dried flowers and put them between fabric. Flower are such a nice reminder of time passing, and to dry them is a form of nostalgia, to wish away the fact that they will perish.

    About how to be fragile and be strong at the same time.

    Reflecting and following pop culture and life in 2017 as a white girl from Wilrijk, providing perspective. Sizing up youth language and social media communication #lit #af. Looking to “Koyaanisqatsi” and “hypernormalisation”

    Research of my fears and by opposing, ending them. Thinking of Shakespears to be or not to be.

    Fed and inspired by my conversations with Robbie (and others)

    Rich in Symbolism: Blue box, yellow hand, dried flower.

    Literary backed up by hanna arendt “on violence” , Douwe Draaisme,

    All of this, translated in garment, painting, fabric design and print design